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    I never heard a record where somebody was writing letters to people. And if I did it was a love song or it was never from a street perspective. “One Love” was about keeping people’s heads up in a locked up situation. #TimeisIllmatic



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    Jean-Michel Basquiat on the set of Downtown 81

    This is gorgeous I feel like crying

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    Today in Hip Hop History:

    Pharoahe Monch released his debut solo album Internal Affairs October 19, 1999


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    Anila Quayyum Agha Casts A Delicate Web Of Shadows With A Single Light Bulb 

    laser-cut wood, single light bulb, 6.5′ square cube / cast shadows – 32′x34′

    image courtesy of Sarah’s Throne

    see how the recent artprize 2014 winner exercises the architecture of the gallery with shadow and light here.


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    Today in Hip Hop History:

    Michael Larsen better known as Eyedea died in his sleep October 16, 2010 R.EYE.P.


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    Keith Piper, Past Imperfect, Future TenseThe Black-Art Gallery (1984)

    Keith Piper

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    Today in Hip Hop History:

    KRS-One released his second solo album KRS-One October 10, 1995


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    4th Circuit rules that Virginia’s gay marriage ban is unconstitutional- in this week’s Style Weekly

    Stay denied in VA same sex marriage ban case! Marriages can happen in Virginia starting August 18th… unless SCOTUS intervenes

    SCOTUS grants motion requested by the Clerk of Prince William County. Same-sex marriages are on hold in VA until the Supreme Court reviews the case.

    SCOTUS denies review!!!!! This means that same sex marriage is legal in Virginia, and licenses could be issued as soon as this afternoon (Oct 6th)



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    Leopoldo Galluzzo, Discovery of Life on the Moon

    In 1835, The New York Sun published a story announcing the sensational discovery of life on the moon. Bat Men and Moon Maidens were described as frolicking among unicorn bison and giraffey beasts. The story increased the newspaper’s popularity dramatically. Believe it – or not ;)

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    Variations of the facial nerve by Nicolas Henri Jacob from ‘Traité complet de l’anatomie de l’homme’ by Marc Jean Bourgery, 1831.

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