1. todayinhiphophistory:

    Today in Hip Hop History:

    The Notorious B.I.G. released his debut album Ready To Die September 13, 1994



  3. todayinhiphophistory:

    Today in Hip Hop History:

    Big Daddy Kane released his second album It’s a Big Daddy Thing September 12, 1989



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  7. todayinhiphophistory:

    Today in Hip Hop History:

    Antonio Hardy better known as Bid Daddy Kane was born September 10, 1968



  9. Vegan Tip:




    Ignorant remarks from meat eaters are a complete source of protein. Examples of these high quality proteins include “but bacon,” and “plants feel pain.”

    Comparisons to lions are very high in B12.

    Bringing up migrant workers will give you 100% of the recommended daily intake of iron.

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  10. That’s my problem with fucking trap music: People are rapping about killing niggas and selling fucking drugs all day, but it sounds happy—that’s bullshit. That shit’s stressful: You’re not going to make no fucking money, somebody’s going to end up dead, and you’re not going to be able to pay for his funeral because his mom probably don’t fuck with him like that, and he don’t got health insurance. So now you have to do a fucking car wash to pay for somebody’s funeral and bury him in some cheap shit. Where’s that song?
    — Long Beach MC Vince Staples in our latest Rising interview. (via pitchfork)


  12. I feel like it’s not about the music anymore—it’s about how many friends you have on Facebook and your Instagram pictures. I hate that. I feel so bad for the talented new bands that are working so hard, and they have to fight with these monsters where it’s all about the appearance, the way you look, the amount of posts you did this month. I don’t want to be a part of that—going to a festival and taking a selfie on stage and all the EDM shit. I feel like it’s such bad publicity for music and for true artists, and I’ll try to fight as hard as I can to not be like that.

  13. Son of a cop asked me if I thought all cops were bad.
    It felt like a loaded question.
    A white girl said racism’s a thing of the past.
    It felt like empty sentiment.
    Not everything has to rhyme in perfect time.
    Not every debate is settled through reason.
    But in a country with the highest incarceration rate,
    One thing you can’t boast about is freedom.
    —  Sage Francis (via theselflessoftheearth)

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  14. Happy to announce that RTJ2 drops October 28th on Mass Appeal!


  15. the-gasoline-station:


    A bright flash of lightning strikes through the eye of a storm cloud over farmland near Broken Bow, Nebraska. Freelance photographer Vanessa Neufield caught the amazing lightning strike on camera. Vanessa, from Calgary in Alberta Canada, said: ‘Getting the shot through the clouds was luck and great timing.’

    Picture: Vanessa Neufeld/Solent News

    Source: The Telegraph